Your child can drive.


These four words can strike more terror into a parent's heart than any movie in history. Images of speeding, distracted driving, and crashes can't help but enter your mind.

A teenage driver has to transition into a responsible adult driver, and one of the best ways to aid this transition is by getting them a safe first car.

Safety has many components, from the age of the car to its size and supplemental features, so it's important to review as many components as you can before deciding which car to get your teenager.

We'll guide you through the process with this guide to choosing a safe first car for your teenager to drive. Read on to prepare yourself for the inevitable future.

First Car Considerations

A lot goes into buying a car nowadays. Buying a teenager's first car can be an even more complex a decision.

Let us simplify it for you. Here are a few things to keep at the forefront of your mind throughout this process.

New or Used?

Should your teenager's first car be used or new? This is one of the very first questions most parents have.

Some parents want to celebrate their child and reward them at the end of the arduous process of learning how to drive. Others see it as a waste of money to buy an expensive car when the likelihood of accidents is so high.

We believe in a happy middle ground. Used cars are good starter cars for teens, but you don't want a car that is so old it doesn't work properly.

We recommend finding a car that is used but new enough to include the most up-to-date safety features.

Important Safety Features

Let's talk about those safety features. What are the essentials?

Here are the features we find most important:

·       Airbags. You want a car that comes with at least driver and passenger airbags standard. Side and curtain airbags are nice bonuses.

·       Anti-Lock Brakes, or ABS, so your teenager can maintain control of the car, especially in inclement weather.

·       Electronic Stability Control, or ESC, to reduce skidding.

·       Intelligent seat belt reminders. A seat belt can save your child's life, so make sure their car reminds them to wear one.

The 2018 Kia Rio Sedan won the honor of Top Safety Pick Plus in the minicars category from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which makes it not just one of the safest cars in the Rochester, NY area, but the whole country.

Consider the Size

Larger cars have handling that is harder to control, so it's best to err on the smaller side when choosing your teenager's first car. Plus, too many friends packed into a car is a recipe for distraction.

Don't Let Your Teenager Drive You Crazy

As long as you keep these tips in mind, we have no doubt you'll find a first car for your teenager that they love and that fits your desire for them to stay safe. Keeping balance in mind and an eye toward common sense, and you won't steer wrong.

Now you're ready to start your search in earnest. Why not begin with a look through our used car inventory?


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