Engine Air Filter Replacement

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Engine Air Filter Service


Recommended Every Every 15,000 – 30,000 Miles

Replace engine air filter and clean the housing to filter contaminants from entering the engine.


How Important Is Your Engine Air Filter? – What the Engine Air Filter Does

Every vehicle relies on air intake as a means to siphon gasoline into the fuel injectors. Fuel injectors do with modern cars what carburetors did for older model cars from the 1970s and before. The fuel injectors draw flammable gasoline into the engine, which in turn siphons oxygen in, providing the necessary ingredients for combustion. The final component that sets off the combustion process is the spark from the spark plugs, providing enough energy to run the piston back and forth and turn the wheels which power the vehicle as you drive. If the airflow becomes contaminated, the entire system becomes corrupted, so the engine air filter is an integral part of how everything works together during your daily drive by assuring clean air is entering the engine.

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How the Engine Air Filter Gets Clogged

During regular daily driving, the vehicle’s air intake receives smog and fumes from other vehicles on the road, dirt, and debris from the road itself, and general pollutants that are in the atmosphere. The engine air filter cleans such contaminants from the air supply line before it reaches the needle-sized pinholes allowing air into the engine. The grit and debris would clog those tiny airlines if allowed in, so a filter is essential to trap anything other than clean air before it enters the engine and performs its job. In order to do so, the air filter must be replaced as part of routine maintenance with OEM parts.

What Happens When the Engine Air Filter Isn’t Changed

One of two things can happen when the engine air filter isn’t changed according to schedule. It might get clogged and prevent the airflow from coming in and running the engine as the design specs intended, or it can collapse and no longer serve its function of filtering out contaminants in the air going to the engine. Neither is a good option, regardless of how the engine air filter fails, it will cause significant damage to the engine, which is going to be far more expensive to repair, if it can be repaired, than the price of having simply replaced the engine air filter when it needed to be done.

Kia Engine Air Filter Replacement

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